Craft lessons in primary school, art classes in secondary school, fine arts courses in university, art always keep company with her. She really enjoys herself and wants to share with others the content happiness while making and appreciating art.

First of all, I would like to thank the presenter of this exhibition - for their invitation and trust as well as their kind support to the local creative force.

Making artworks and appreciating art are adventurous journeys. The mere thought of embarking on an unforgettable journey is simply terrific. Everyone is welcome to explore the broad realm of art in whatever way one like, guaranteed with rewarding returns. This is the message that many art lovers would like to share.

After receiving the curatorial theme "A", I decided to incorporate the above idea in it. In the end “Adventure” was chosen as the starting point. Another idea was to continue the direction of my previous “Box on Mama’s Wardrobe” work series. I hope that both art lovers and people who are not that familiar with art will also find my work intimate and touching.

“Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” has always been my favourite children's story. This adventure story set in a lazy afternoon matches the theme perfectly as a footnote to the exhibition works. Let’s get ready to Down the Rabbit-Hole!