Living in a system with “A”, it’s just like a pyramid. Building up with tiers, covering up with tiers, pressure spreads from the top downward to the bottom, however, can the voice from the bottom turn upward to the top? No one wants to be the foundation stone for others to tramp on; nevertheless, how to build up a pyramid if there’s no foundation? As the law of jungle, it would be better to be the one who tramps on others. That’s an unchangeable fact for living in a world where full of desire, or you want to wait for the next evolution?

Tat @ graphicairlines

A is a standard
A is an index
A is a target
A is a size
A is a quality of things
A is a need
A is a condition
A is a class
A is a grade
A is an evaluation
To fit in with different “A”s
To seek for different “A”s
Is my work accredited?

Vi @ graphicairlines