A is a very lonely word to me. Nothing special. You're all alone when you're an "a". A tree, A person, A girl. All alone.

There's nothing special about A tree, A person or A girl. Nobody's pointing out THE tree, THIS person, or THAT girl. It's just A tree, A person, and A girl.

My works in the exhibition explore self awareness. If she's not THE girl, then she's just a girl amongst a sea of other girls. How does she exist if she's just one of many?

she's not the girl, she's just A girl.
A girl Amongst lots of other girls.
does she exist if she's not Aware of herself?
does she exist if she is?
does she exist if no one's Aware of her?
does she exist if someone is?
does she exist if she is not in Action?
does she exist if she is?

With simple lines and colors, I hope to present a playful and sometimes perverse look at our addictive guilty pleasures in the idiosyncratic routines of life. Related to an ongoing series “i love…”, the works here depict how one finds purpose and amusement in the uniformity and monotony of everyday life.